What does Suzanna love about IMS? “I love how everyone knows each other, that we are like a family, and that everyone participates in activities.” Suzanna says the best word to use to describe IMS is family because everyone notices you and teachers really care about students.

Suzanna sees how teachers are really willing to go above and beyond for students. She has seen this with English instructor, Maya Kehr Yoder. “I have seen how Maya is so willing to go above and beyond for students. Whether it’s staying after class to help someone understand something or working with deadlines for students who feel overwhelmed, she always has the student’s best interests at heart.”

Suzanna also appreciates that you can be involved in so many activities at IMS and everyone is included. “You can start clubs and be the leaders of clubs and team captains where you couldn’t at bigger schools. Kids who would otherwise be shy open up at IMS and you are encouraged to be friends with people who are different than you. Suzanna’s favorite subjects include sociology and history.

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