Sierra loves being able to discuss God and invest in students’ spiritually through prayer, small group, chapels, and class. She says, “I enjoy sharing about how God works in the lives of people in a way that spurs them on in their faith and their journey with God.”

She appreciates the close-knit community at IMS and the opportunities students have to participate in many different interests and clubs in a small school setting. Sierra teaches all levels of Spanish at IMS and she feels the smaller class sizes help her get to know her students well and it informs her teaching.

If you know Sierra, then you know that she thoroughly loves encouraging others in their faith. Every three weeks or so in class, she puts a Bible verse on the board in Spanish and the class translates it together. She follows this with a God encounter type of story that relates to the verse. Then she allows students to reflect freely or respond to a reflection in their journals.

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