Rubye loves IMS for the support she’s received from teachers. She says, “There is no way I would be where I am now without teachers who care about me more than my grades. Their doors are always open for one-on-one help with school or to talk about anything going on in life.” Rubye has also loved the independent classes she’s taken, including a research project about mental health care in Iowa, readings in world history, and especially the books she’s read in novels with Maya. These are classes she’s designed to fit her interests. She works with a faculty advisor to set up her goals for the class, to monitor her progress and assess her mastery of subject matter.

Rubye would describe IMS as loving. She feels that IMS is a tight-knit community that welcomes and cares for every family, whether they just come to visit or if they’re here all four years. Rubye also recognizes that IMS is unique for its daily chapels. As part of chapel committee, she witnesses the hard work that students and teachers put into planning engaging and memorable chapels for the student body. She says she will remember many chapels after she leaves IMS.

Rubye has also felt that IMS has taught her how to be a hard-working, free-thinking, independent individual. Because it is such a small school, Rubye has stepped into positions she never would have imagined herself, like on the basketball court or working with her peers to reform the school dress code. Rubye’s message for those considering IMS is, “If you are looking for a place to feel accepted and supported in anything you do or [for who you] are, IMS is such a place. You will not fade into the background because there is not one here. Each student is unique and valued for their uniqueness.”

If you are interested in seeing what the IMS community is like for yourself, please click on the visit button on our home page or email our Director of Enrollment, Candi Schmieder, at to set up a personal tour.