Gretta loves our passionate teachers who love the material they teach. She says, “The classes I enjoy the most are the classes teachers get the most excited about. I love being in an environment where the teachers want to help us understand where their passion is rooted in hopes that maybe we will be as excited as they are.”

The word Gretta would use to describe IMS is dedicated. She feels IMS is dedicated to providing opportunities for students, fulfilling the needs that families might have in relation to IMS, making sure each student has opportunities to shine in their given area of interest, and making necessary improvements to the school in order to help it thrive.

Gretta sees faith infused in the IMS curriculum by having an environment where faith questions are questions that can be answered in any class and teachers are willing to talk with you about it. She feels that learning and faith blend together at IMS because they are both equally important here. School isn’t purely about learning about the humanities and sciences, it’s also about learning about who you are, what you believe in, and where you want that to take you. At IMS, because faith and learning are equals, students have more opportunities to become well-rounded individuals who have a grasp on factual knowledge and spiritual knowledge.

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