I have grown in so many ways since coming to IMS. Adolescence is a time when people grow and experience many changes, and coming to IMS helped me grow in the right direction. Attending chapel every day and being able to delve into spirituality in the classroom makes faith an immediate, constant part of life at IMS. The community at IMS has also been a huge influence in my spiritual life. Being able to pray, fellowship, and talk candidly about faith with teachers and classmates makes IMS more than just a school. It has become a church community and support network. I care about the people here, and I know they care about me too. IMS is a great example of the fact that although we might not always agree, we are called to be the body of Christ together.

There is no doubt about the fact that I have been challenged academically. There are rigorous courses in every subject here, and I am already applying concepts from some of them to my everyday life. Required English classes like speech and research have quickly evident practical applications. They taught me skills such as public speaking, writing with an academic tone, and constructing a paper. I have also been pushed outside my comfort zone in areas like math and science, where I am less comfortable naturally, and been able to learn a lot and succeed. History classes have given me a broader perspective to understand how current situations came to be, and in class, we are challenged to consider current events and understand them. Finally, literature courses here have broadened my horizons and given me the tools to understand, appreciate, and analyze literature much more deeply than I ever could before.