Even though it was initially a tough decision, IMS was the right choice for me.  It has been a very good fit for me because it is a place where I can just be myself. If you are having a bad day, even the teachers care and will ask you about it. Everyone, especially the upperclassmen, care and are so welcoming! There is an expectation that we’ll all just be nice and caring toward one another and it works. The atmosphere at IMS is a really good and positive one.

If what is holding you back from coming here are your friends, well, you can still have those friendships! They don’t have to end just because you attend a different school.

IMS is more than a school; it’s a family. When you walk through those doors you become a part of it. When someone asks you about your day or how you are, they actually care to hear the answer. I love coming to school every day.