Scrip Fundraising Program

Scrip is fundraising while you shop®. Support Hillcrest Academy by purchasing major retailer gift cards. Dozens of retailers, restaurants, and other businesses participate so you’re sure to find your favorite – or the perfect gift! Purchasing gift cards for participating businesses through our Great Lakes Scrip program will earn rebates for Hillcrest Academy. The rebate amounts vary from 2 – 20% based on the retailer. If current families use the program, half of their rebate will go toward paying their tuition and the other half will go to Hillcrest Academy for administration of the program and for other school needs such as technology, student aid and supplies for the classrooms. If you don’t have a current student but you want to participate in the program, you can choose if you want half of the rebate to go to a particular current Hillcrest Academy family or to the general student aid fund. The other half will go to the school. The program works the best when you use it to pay for everyday purchases such as clothes, restaurants, gas, etc.  instead of just thinking of it as a special occasion purchase. Please contact Theresa Blossom at Hillcrest Academy with any questions. 319-656-2073 or tblossom@hillcrestravens.org and thanks for using the program! More information can also be found here.

How to participate?

  1. Fill out the SCRIP Registration Form.
  2. Check out the Scrip Policies for Hillcrest Academy before ordering.
  3. Read the SCRIP Ordering Directions. Contact Theresa Blossom for the enrollment code at 319-656-2073 or tblossom@hillcrestravens.org.
  4. If you want your student or someone else to pick up your order, fill out the SCRIP Disclaimer of Responsibility Form.
  5. Send an order form to the school: SCRIP Order Form.
  6. Or place your order online through the Scrip Website.
  7. If you order online, you can pay online using Presto Pay or send a check to the school. We must receive payment in full before we can order the gift cards. There are no refunds or exchanges for cards ordered by form or online.
  8. We will place an order the first and third Thursday of each month. Some dates may change due to the holidays. Orders can be picked up the 2nd and 4th Thursdays after 10:00 a.m.
  9. When your order comes in, pick it up at Hillcrest Academy or have your student bring it home (We need to have a Disclaimer of Responsibility Form signed to send them home with your student).
  10. Twice a year, we will apply rebates to tuition and/or student aid or other designated uses.