Driving Directions

Directions to Athletic Events

BURLINGTON NOTRE DAME, 702 S. Roosevelt Ave., Burlington – Take Hwy 218 south to Mt. Pleasant and turn off on Exit 42.  Go east on Hwy 34 to Burlington. Turn right at Highway 61 intersection.  The school is on the left.

CARDINAL OF ELDON, 4045 Ashland Rd., Eldon – Take Hwy 218 to Mt. Pleasant. Take Hwy 34 West.  Turn off on Exit 199 (the Eldon Exit).  Go south on Hwy 16 about 3 miles and the high school will be on the right.

CENTRAL LEE, 2642 Hwy 218, Donnellson – Take Hwy 218 south to Donnellson. School is on the left side of the highway.

COLUMBUS, 1004 Colton St. – Take Hwy 218 south to 92 east.  Take 92 east to Columbus. Turn right on 2nd St. Turn right on Gamble St. Turn left on Colton St. School is on the right.

DANVILLE – 419 S. Main St. Take Hwy 218 south toward Mt. Pleasant to Exit 42. Go east on Hwy 34 to Danville.  Turn right at Main St. (at stoplight). School is on the right.

ENGLISH VALLEYS, 749 W. Broad St., North English. Track:  From IMS, go west on 540th St. After the stop sign, it turns into 320th St. Follow the highway, it turns into 325th St.  This turns into 335th St.  At the stop sign go straight.  This turns into Washington St.  Continue on Washington St.  Turn left on West St.  Turn right on W. Broad St.  School is on the left. Cross country:  Continue on Washington St.  Knoll Ridge Country Club is on the right., 746 W. Washington St., North English.

FAIRFIELD PUBLIC –  605 E. Broadway, Fairfield. Basketball/Volleyball:   Take Hwy 1 south to Hwy 78.  Take Hwy 78 west until you pick up Hwy 1 south again. Continue south for about 10 more miles into Fairfield and turn left on Broadway (just past the fire station). School is on the left. Cross country meet at Waterworks Park:  Hwy 1 South. Turn left at 185th St. (north of town). Turn right onto B St. (first road). Turn left at the Waterworks Park entrance.

HARMONY, 33737 Rte J40, Farmington – Take Hwy 218 South. Approximately 17 miles south of Mt. Pleasant, turn right onto J40. Continue on J40 west approximately 14 miles. The high school is on the right.

HIGHLAND, 1715 Vine Ave., Riverside – Along Hwy 218 between Highways 92 and 22. There is a sign along 218 for the High School. Turn left (east) on 175th Street. Turn left at first road. The school is on the left.

HLV, Victor – Baseball/Softball:  Go west on I-80 to Exit 205, Victor Exit. Turn right on B Ave/CRV 38.  Turn left at the T (190th St.). Turn right on Washington St. Go across railroad tracks. The baseball and softball fields are north of the tracks.

HOLY TRINITY, 2600 Ave. A, Fort Madison – Take Hwy 218 south to Exit 19 Donnellson/Ft. Madison Exit (Hwy. 2)  Turn left on Hwy 2 and go east. This will turn into Hwy 2/Hwy 61. Turn left at 48th St.  Go until you reach a T intersection. Turn right on Bluff Rd. and go about 2 miles.  The school is on the right. Soccer:   The soccer field is at West Point. Take Hwy 218 south to Hwy 103.  Turn left (east). Proceed approximately 6-7 miles. Go to east edge of town square, turn right on 5th St. At the 4 way stop you will see the school straight ahead. Go approximately 1 mile from the high school. Sports complex on left – sign that reads “South Park Complex”.

KEOKUK  HIGH SCHOOL, 2285 Middle Rd., Keokuk – Take 218 South. Take the Keokuk exit; take a left onto 218 for about 10 miles. At the stop sign take a right and 218 and 61 now run together. Go south for about 7 miles into Keokuk. At the first light (Casey’s on the left) take a left on Plank Rd.  Stay on Plank Rd. Don’t get off at the Y; stay on Plank to the 2nd stop sign. Take a left on Washington St. Go one block on Washington St. and take a right on Middle Rd. School is on the left.

LONE TREE, 303 South DeVoe – Take Hwy 22 east to Lone Tree. Turn right to go into town. Go through the business district. The school is on the right.

LOUISA-MUSCATINE, 14354 170th St., Letts – Take 218 south. Take 92 east through Columbus Jct. until you come to Hwy 61. Turn north (left). The school is located on the left approximately 5 miles from the turn-off. For softball/baseball, park in the elementary lot (2nd building).

MAHARISHI-FAIRFIELD, 804 N. Third St., Fairfield – Take Hwy 1 south into Fairfield. Turn left at the 3rd entrance into the M.U.M. campus (it has stone pillars on either side of the entrance). This road curves right and then turns left to the Field House and Rec Center. Drive around the right side of the Field House for parking. Field House entrance is on the east side of the building. Rec Center entrance is on the west side of the building.

MEDIAPOLIS, 725 N. Northfield St. – Take Hwy 218 south to Hwy 92. Go east on Hwy 92 until you come to Hwy 61. Turn south (right) on Hwy 61. Before you get to Mediapolis, turn left on 235th St. Turn right on 120th Ave. (This becomes Northfield St.) The school is on the right. The baseball field is across the street. The softball field is behind the school on the NW corner of the campus.

MID-PRAIRIE, 1634 Hwy 22 E, Wellman – Track:  From IMS, go west on 540th St. At the stop sign, turn left (south) on the Johnson-Iowa Rd. You will go past the high school on the left and the golf course on the right. Turn left on Hwy 22 and turn left into the high school. Soccer:  Go south on Johnson-Iowa Rd past the Wellman golf course. At the stop sign, cross Hwy 22 and go straight ahead until you come to a T. Turn right. You will see the soccer field. It is close to the fire station. From Kalona, go west on Hwy 22. Go past the high school and turn left at the intersection of Hwy 22 and Johnson-Iowa Rd. You will come to a T. Turn right.

MT. PLEASANT, 2104 S. Grand Ave. – Take Hwy 218 south to Exit 40 which is 255th Street. Exit west to intersection. Turn right on South Grand Ave. for ½ mile to the high school.

NEW LONDON, 101 W. Wilson – Take Hwy 218 south toward Mt. Pleasant to Exit 42. Go east on Hwy 34 to New London.  Take Exit 244 (New London). Turn left on Lowell Rd. Turn right on W. Wilson St. Go about 3 blocks.

PEKIN, 1062 Birch Ave., Packwood – Take Hwy 77 south past Keota and go south to Richland. At Richland take Hwy 78 west (right) 9 miles. There is a sign for the school on Hwy 78.  Turn left (south) at 230th Ave.  The school is on the right. Cross Country meet at Lake Darling:  Take Hwy 1 South to Brighton. Turn right on Hwy 78 west. Turn right on Birch Ave.  Turn right on 310th St. The meet starts on the beach.

SOUTHEASTERN COMMUNITY COLLEGE – Burlington. Volleyball:  Take Hwy 218 South toward Mt. Pleasant to Exit 42. Go east on Hwy 34 to Burlington. Stay on 34 east and take Exit 260. At the stoplight go straight ahead into the campus parking lot. Drive through the first parking lot. Take a left at the softball diamond. This will take you to the parking lot by the gym.

UNIVERSITY OF IOWA CROSS COUNTRY COURSE (Host City High) Take Hwy 1 North to Iowa City. Turn left on Mormon Trek Blvd. At the stop light at the intersection of Mormon Trek and Melrose Ave., continue straight on Mormon Trek. Turn left on Hawkeye Park Rd. You will pass the soccer complex on your right and enter the far west Univ. of Iowa parking area where the entrance to the cross country course will be on your right (north) which you walk on a short gravel drive to the course.

VAN BUREN AT KEOSAUQUA, 405 4th St., Keosauqua – Follow Hwy 1 south from Fairfield about 20 miles until you get to Keosauqua. Stay on Hwy 1 which turns into Broad St. Turn right on Market St. Turn left on 4th St. School is on the right. Take the drive that goes to the gym where there is a parking lot. Playing fields are behind the school.

WACO, 706 N. Pearl, Wayland – From Washington take W-55 south to Wayland. The school is on your right just before your get to town.

WALNUT RIDGE BAPTIST ACADEMY, Waterloo – Golf Course:  Go North on I-380. Continue on as 20 joins 380. Take 20 west toward Cedar Falls for one mile. Take Hawkeye Road Exit. Turn right on Hawkeye Rd. Go 200 yards to stop light. Turn left on San Marnin. Go one mile to stop light (Kimball). Continue through stop light for one mile. Turn right on Ainsborough. Follow Ainsborough to West 4th. Turn right onto 4th to the course. Burns Park Golf Course.

WAPELLO, 501 Buchanan – Take Hwy 218 south to 92 east. Follow 92 east until you get to Hwy 61. Turn right (south) on Hwy 61 until you get to Wapello. Turn left (east) at the water tower and go one and one half blocks, then turn left into the sports complex.

WASHINGTON, 313 S. 4th St., Washington – Take Hwy 1 South to Washington. Stay on Hwy 92 East which turns into Madison St. Turn left on 4th Ave. Softball/Baseball:  Go South on Hwy 1 toward Washington. When you get to Washington, go straight onto Hwy 92 East. Turn right on South B Ave. The Junior High School is on the right. Baseball and softball fields are behind the school. Soccer:  When you get to Washington, go straight onto Hwy 92 East. This turns into Madison St. Turn right on South 9th Ave. Go south to a T. You will see the football field. This is where the soccer team plays.

WEST BRANCH, 900 W. Main St., West Branch – From Iowa City, take I-80 East to Exit 249 (Herbert Hoover Highway). Turn left on Herbert Hoover Hwy/CR-F44. Stay on highway until you get to the high school on the right.

WEST BURLINGTON, 408 Van Weiss Blvd. – Take Hwy 218 south to Mt. Pleasant and turn off on Exit 42. Go east on Hwy 34 to West Burlington. Take the Gear Ave. exit. Turn right on S. Gear St. and go over the overpass. Turn right (this will take you to the mall). Stay in outside lane of mall road and turn right at SE corner of mall. Turn right at Van Weiss Blvd. The school is on the corner of Van Weiss and Ramsey.

WILLIAMSBURG – Baseball:  From IMS, go west on 540th St. to the stop sign. Continue west on 540th St. Turn right on WW Ave. (gravel road). Turn left on F52 Trail. Follow F52 Trail to Parnell. Turn right on Hwy 149 and continue to Williamsburg. Turn left on Welsh St. Continue to the west side of town. The baseball field is on the left.

WINFIELD MT. UNION, 208 S. Olive St., Winfield – Take Hwy 218 south to Olds. Turn east (left) on Hwy 78. A sign under intersection lights will say “Winfield 6 miles.” As you come into town, go left on the curve into town. Take a left on E. Pine St. Follow to Olive St. Softball:  Northeast corner of town by country store. Baseball:  South of school building. Golf:  Northwest corner of town at Twin Lakes Country Club.