Who are those Mennonites anyway?

While all people are openly welcomed at IMS, we are rooted in the Mennonite-Anabaptist tradition. That means we love God and believe Jesus gave us an awesome example to follow so, like him, we forgive, love, serve and work for peace. Mennonite or not, you can join us in this journey!

In short, Mennonites are:

  • Jesus Christ followers
  • Peacemakers
  • Anabaptists (baptized when you choose Christ instead of as a baby)
  • Forgivers 
  • Grace accepters 
  • Activists for the healing of our world

In a few more words, Mennonites are a group of committed believers in Jesus Christ. Though the name is derived from an early Anabaptist leader during the European Reformation, Mennonites desire to be a church based on the foundation of Jesus Christ. We believe Jesus is the model of Godly life and therefore seek to follow him in all ways. Jesus showed immense forgiveness and salvation through his life, death and resurrection and we desire to pass that same good news of grace and forgiveness onto others. We believe the church is made up of those who have made a conscious decision to follow Jesus and accept his forgiveness. They are then baptized as a symbol of their faith and their desire to be his disciples.

Mennonites also believe deeply in the power of peacemaking and strive to follow Jesus’ example of showing love to all people, friends and enemies alike. Because of this belief, many people consciously refuse military service and the use of violence or force. We seek to live in love and relationship with others at all levels. We humbly seek to serve as Jesus did and take risks to actively work for healing, hope and restoration in our world.

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