Research class participates in mock interviews

Megan Miller interviews Yanitza Gutierrez-Larios.
Cindi Schrock interviews Aaron Hershberger and Aidan Yoder.

Students in Maya Kehr Yoder’s English III: Research class had the opportunity to participate in a series of mock interviews with professionals from our community. After being introduced to a variety of interview techniques in class as part of the career unit, students were able to practice their skills and receive valuable feedback to improve for future interviews. A special thanks to our community of professionals who made this happen: Cindi Schrock, Shelby Mrgich, Morgan Finnegan, Megan Miller, Heather Bender, Mary Forney, Tyler Coblentz, Leanne Bender, and Kent Blossom. Kehr Yoder learned a lot from this first year and hopes to make it a yearly tradition!