Ron J Wyse ’57 | #youareims

Ron Wyse’s (‘57) main extracurricular activities were choir (more specifically the men’s quartet) and of course, basketball. He remembered Bible classes, Industrial Arts, and History as being some of his favorite classes. Ron mentioned while having the mumps was not a favorite memory of IMS, the thoughtful cards from classmates and faculty during that time will always be cherished. Maybe it’s this example of the nurturing community that leads Ron to describe IMS in one word – CARING. This comes from the concerned attitude toward each one that is part of the IMS community.

We asked Ron how faith and learning are integrated at IMS and he said one of the things he loved the most about IMS was the Christian emphasis as a lifestyle, not just something you do on Sunday. He told us that IMS laid the basis for following the teachings of Jesus and his responsibility to live accordingly to the best of his ability. IMS prepared him for college and life by giving him a solid base to live by but allowing him to be open to inspirations from others as they all grow spiritually together.  

When asked why he thought it was important to attend IMS, he said “IMS provided me with so many different opportunities to test my gifts and to grow in ways that I had not anticipated. The academics were extremely valuable, but I also deeply appreciated my relationships with peers and teachers. I was able to travel to Guatemala, participate in choir, and act in plays and musicals. After attending college, I realized that some of my high school classes were at the same level or exceeded my college-level courses in their scope. I loved being able to participate in sports, and many of my friendships that were made in high school continue today. I don’t think this happens at most schools.”