Lois Kieffaber Bare ’60 | #youareims

Lois Bare (’60) said what she appreciated most about IMS was that during her time there she formed and learned to articulate her faith. And, of course, that is where she met her spouse. 🙂 In one word she would say that IMS is FORMATIVE. As a 15-year-old I knew that I had to start figuring out my own way, part of that being my faith journey. IMS created the safe, nurturing environment to do that.

Lois was a boarding student from an urban area, living 300 miles from family, so she learned early on to claim her own experience of faith even when it differed from those around her. Her life experiences prior to IMS were important to her and although they did not fit neatly into the expected campus norms, she developed a strong, abiding faith that continues to sustain her today.

One of Lois’ favorite memories was going to Niagara Falls on choir tour and some of her favorite classes were English and History. Lois credited Miss Schrock for being an excellent teacher, giving her a good foundation for her later college studies. She was involved in the choir and she remembered always enjoying planning activities for classmates.