Julie Kelso Marshall ’81 | #youareims

Julie Kelso Marshall (’81) remembered of her time at IMS, the extra things she did like school day out, Interterm (now called Service And Learning Term) and choir tour as being memorable and formative experiences. Julie and her husband Lonnie, have had 3 daughters at IMS (Maddie ‘12 and Olivia ‘16 and currently, sophomore Sophie). It was their experiences that she talked about the most. She said what she loves the most about IMS is the community feeling among the students, staff and the broader community. She said being a smaller school allows the teachers to really know each of the students and that the teachers have helped and challenged her children to meet their personal academic goals as well as encouraged them in developing their own talents and abilities. Julie went on to mention the leadership opportunities that helped her children grow in confidence and in their ability to work with others. She credits this to having more opportunities to offer students due to the smaller school size.

Julie was thankful for the daily chapels and service opportunities which are built into the regular school year. She said the kids at IMS are kids you might find anywhere, but the atmosphere is different at IMS. The concern for the well being and education of each student is evident. The academic standards are high. But it’s the presence of the Spirit of God lived out by the teachers and staff that makes the difference and sets IMS apart from other schools.

But don’t just take Julie’s word for it! 

Her mother, Velma Crum has a lot of good things to say about IMS as well. In her words,I have had two daughters and three granddaughters attend IMS. My daughters participated in music, sports and drama. As a parent, I felt there was a unique relationship between the students and teachers who served as excellent role models. The quality of classroom education was superior to other schools. One of my daughters was so impressed with the education and foundation to move onto the adult world that she received at IMS, she moved back to the Kalona area so her daughters could experience the education and community at IMS. The school has a state of the art theater where students display their talents in theater, participating in band, orchestra, several different choruses, and even take piano lessons. IMS is a brilliant gem located in the beautiful countryside. An unexpected treasure that I am very thankful my family has experienced. There is so much to love about IMS!”