J.D. Miller ’62 | #youareims

J.D. Miller (‘62) mentioned friendship and a strong sense of community as being things he loved the most about his time at IMS. Those are some of the reasons he would (in one word) say IMS is CARING. He said that even after all these years, today he still feels a strong sense of belonging.

J.D. said that IMS laid the foundation for how he spent his life after high school. A big part of this was the faith integration at IMS. “Faith was integral to everything we did, whether it was in chemistry class or in sports activities.” He remembered specifically Bible elective classes taught by Mr. Darrell Hostetler being impactful. He also mentioned it was at IMS that he developed a sense of mission that led him to spend his medical career as a physician working in an underserved area.

The strong sense of community, faith integration, and lasting friendships are what J.D. would say are reasons “IMS is where your child can get the foundation that the rest of their life will be built on.”