Dennis D. Miller ’70 | #youareims

When we asked Dennis D. Miller (‘70) what he would tell a friend to encourage them to send their child to IMS he said, “ages 14 to 18 is when your values are molded and formed, tell me why you should NOT send your child to IMS.” Along with this thought, is also why Dennis would describe IMS in one word as NURTURING. “IMS is a safe and trusting environment that is interested in your educational, social and spiritual growth.” He said what he loved the most was that you were acquainted with everyone. “You developed informal, personal relationships with the faculty. You felt you were amongst family.”

Dennis said IMS gave him the education and Christian tools to grow and manage the joys and heartaches that he and his family experienced during their lifetime. One of the “good times” or fun memories from his time at IMS was when during the World Series, they gave him and his classmates the option of listening to the games during study hall.

Dennis was involved in all intramurals sports (interscholastic sports wasn’t organized until 1972) and mentioned his favorite classes being Business and Social Studies. He also mentioned that how he felt faith and learning where integrated at IMS, he said “in any class if there were relevant differences in Christian versus secular points of view on a given topic, there was always time for discussion. Over my 3 years at IMS, chapel became more and more important in bonding us as family.”