Babysitting fundraiser

This year for our Service and Learning Term, one of our groups will visit Academia Menonita Betania in Puerto Rico. To raise funds for this trip, we are hosting a night of babysitting on Saturday, February 16 from 5-9 at First Mennonite Church in Iowa City. To sign up, please complete the following form. We also ask that parents feed their kids supper before dropping them off.
For more information, please see the attached documents.
Thank you for all the support you’ve offered us already!
Maya Kehr Yoder, Sierra Cheney, Cole Roth, Blake Bontrager, Max Martens, Drew Blauvelt, Brandon Jimenez, Gretta Rempel, Suzanna Yoder, Rubye Ney, Rachel Geyer, Mia Graber, Sarena Gerber, Yuli Montes de Oca, Abby Fritz