Gretta Rempel as Jo March

About Jo:  She is the 2nd oldest of the four sisters. She is passionate, energetic, driven and stands up for what she believes in, even if it’s against social norms. Although she can be tough and no-nonsense; she has a soft spot for her family.  Jo dislikes parties, her little sister Amy, nonsensical comments, being categorized as a lady, cleaning, cooking, and other household chores. She likes writing, spending time with people she enjoys, and speaking her mind.

About Gretta: I am the oldest of my siblings. I enjoy science and like to learn new things about all subjects. I am driven and like to achieve my goals. I also like to have fun with my friends and enjoy fancy parties. I dislike chores.

What they have in common: I would say that Jo and I have a similar mindset. We both believe in the importance of women, not just in the house but, in the workforce.

What is different about them: Jo essentially wishes she was a boy and I do not particularly want to be a boy. I am happy as a girl. Jo was also more interested in writing and I prefer science.

Performances are this Saturday, November 3rd at 7:00 PM and Sunday, November 4th at 3:00 PM. There is a Meet the Cast event for 6th – 8th graders, transfer students and their families following the November 3rd performance. Call the office to get your tickets now!