Fall Art Gallery

Autumn Rain and the Brown Bottle 2015 acrylic on canvas panel

Garth Conley: Condensate of Light & Shadows

IMS will be hosting the artwork of Garth Conley this fall in the IMS Art Gallery. Garth is a local painter who has delved deeply into the painting process. He has derived inspiration from the Impressionists and Imaginative Realism Illustration traditions. Garth has a studio in West Liberty where he works and teaches art. The subject matter of his paintings range from cityscapes to figurative work. His current art delves into the spiritual aspects of life.
“Whatever the subject of a painting, my passion and priority is to ask what the light is doing and what the mood or atmosphere that’s created by it.  Another guy took the title of “Painter of Light,” so I can’t–but this is what I do and who I am as an artist. Is the light soft and muted? Is it strong and directional?  Is there reflected light bouncing around the composition illuminating the shadows? Is the light cool or warm? Are the shadows cool or warm?”
Join us for a chance to interact with Garth at a reception following the Fall Production of “Little Women” on Saturday evening November 3rd.
Allison Benson
In addition, we will host a small collection of artwork in the foyer outside of the Celebration Hall from the local artist Allison Benson, class of 2015. She is a prolific artist who primarily uses marker and colored pencil to create imaginative creatures and fantasy artwork.
Allison and Garth’s work will be on display throughout the Fall Semester through Christmas Break. Ask at the IMS front office to open the gallery for you.