Chapel Report for October 15-19

Sierra Cheney

For our first three days of chapel this week, we focused on thinking about and hearing stories of how persons lived out their gifting and their faith in authentic ways.

On Monday, Sierra Cheney shared a few of these stories of how just being faithful in small ways can make a big impact.

Tuesday in small groups, students were encouraged to think of and then tell stories of people being faithful.

Wednesday was a time of sharing the stories from our small groups with the larger body of students. It was an inspiring time to hear of all the ways and examples of how following Jesus in small and big ways spoke to those people who were impacted by those efforts.

On Thursday, we were privileged to have with us a group from Goshen College (Indiana) called Parables. Parables is a group of 8 college students who sang and performed drama around the theme of identity. Here’s a video of their performance: Parables.

We wrapped up the chapel week by hearing from Amanda Redlinger, a counselor in Iowa City. Caring for ourselves helps us to be able to engage with the world around us in ways that we would like. Amanda shared with us a variety of ways that we can engage in self-care, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. We were then treated with cookies from YCO.