Teacher Work Days

Faculty Work Days

Before the students came back this fall, our teachers got together for workdays. We spent the first day getting certified in CPR, AED and first aid. We had a great crew from the Johnson County Ambulance Service who came to do our training! We are grateful to have the knowledge we need to act in the case of an emergency.

Following lunch, David Heusinkveld, interim pastor at West Union Mennonite Church, came to deliver a meditation on 2 Corinthians 5:17. As a Christian, we see everything as a new creation. What does that mean for each of us and for IMS? How are we being transformed? He encouraged us to remember that we are all ambassadors for Christ. Faculty and staff were then able to complete introductions and discuss findings of the study that Dr. Rick Newberry conducted about our school’s enrollment and marketing efforts.

Beth Swantz and Dawn Kruse from Grant Wood delivered our professional development on the morning of Tuesday, August 21. They first led us through the process of setting norms as we work together in faculty meetings this school year. This was a process that involved our staff working first in groups, and then as a whole. We came up with the following statements of commitment. These norms will guide our conversations in faculty/staff meetings as we work together through the 2018-19 school year. It is possible there could be a tweak along the way.

We commit to:

  • Keeping Christ at the center
  • Staying focused on the agenda while respecting one another’s time
  • Communicating openly and honestly with respect and grace for others
  • Collaborating fully and positively
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Following through on decisions and being open to mutual accountability

This was a really good process, and our staff did a nice job of distilling things down to the six statements. Beth Swantz came back to deliver our professional development on the morning of August 22. She led us through goal setting exercises and touched on blended learning. She will come back to continue the process with us.

Lunch was provided by Maria Boucher for two of the days and by Hills Bank for the other. Breakfast was provided by our PTO all three days. We did also let teachers get some time in their classrooms to prepare for the return of students. It was a great start to our school year!