Kalona Chocolates Joins SCRIP Program

We are excited to announce that Kalona Chocolates has joined our SCRIP program as a local vendor! When you purchase gift cards from IMS for Kalona Chocolates, IMS receives a 20% rebate. Half of that rebate will apply to your child’s tuition, if you have a student at IMS, and half will go to student aid. If you don’t have a student at IMS, the full rebate will be applied to student aid. We do keep these cards on hand in the IMS office. Other local retailers we keep on hand are Kalona Coffeehouse (10% rebate), Casey’s (3%) rebate and Fareway (3%) rebate.

What is our SCRIP program? We sell gift cards through the Great Lakes SCRIP program to raise money for tuition and student aid. Retailers who offer cards through the program, give a rebate to IMS ranging from 1.5% to 20%. You purchase the card for the full amount and we will apply the rebate to the tuition and student aid accounts twice a year. Here’s a video that explains it: What is SCRIP?

Who can participate? Anyone. You do not have to have a student at IMS to participate. We do not deliver cards though so if you order physical cards through the program, you need to pick them up at IMS.  We would love to get our whole community to participate in this program!

The program works best if you think of the cards as another way to pay for your purchases from retailers and not just as something you give away for special occasions. There are many eCard options and reloadable card options so that you can participate, even if you don’t live near IMS.

SCRIP vocabulary

Prestopay – The online payment system through SCRIP that allows you to have your purchases automatically withdrawn from your bank account.

MyScripWallet – Mobile website accessible on your phone to purchase and use SCRIPNow and reloadable cards.

SCRIPNow – Cards that can be ordered online and are available immediately when using Prestopay. You can also email these cards to someone else to use. I do this when my daughter in Kansas needs to go to Walmart. I order and pay for the card and email it to her. She can print it off to take to Walmart with her or pull it up on her phone and they can scan it at the checkout. This is how I use a majority of my SCRIP cards. Most times I am at the store and while I’m shopping, access MyScripWallet (mobile website) on my phone, purchase the ScripNow card in the amount I need, pay for it and then go through the checkout lane. I use the ScripNow card on my phone for the cashier to scan.

ReloadNow – Once you have purchased physical cards, there are many that let you reload amounts on them. If you pay for the reload with Prestopay, they are available right away. Subway works like this. I ordered a Subway physical card and continue to reload it when it runs out.

Thank-Scrip-ing Day – Great Lakes SCRIP does several of these days throughout the year. This is a day that many retailers offer bonus rebates. Ex: Normally Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic offers a 16% rebate. During Thank-Scrip-ing Day, they usually offer 20%. There is one of these days coming up on Monday,  September 17th.

We currently have eight families who participate on a regular basis. This past year, they earned a total of $1306.09 for their own tuition accounts and $1226.55 for the IMS student aid account. Just imagine how much we could earn if more families participated! Having student aid funds available to help families be able to attend IMS is very important to us.

We place orders for the physical cards every other week in the office. If you don’t use Prestopay, you need to have a check to me before the Thursday order day. Check our school calendar for order dates. If you have questions about joining, please contact Candi Schmieder in the IMS office. Ext. 20.