Enrollment Initiatives Updates

September 2018

We have continued working on the initiatives that Dr. Newberry recommended to us from his study of our enrollment and marketing efforts at IMS. Dwight Gingerich, Jeremy Ours and Candi Schmieder met with congregational leadership in all eight of the area churches who are part of the congregational support plan that helps financially support IMS. These were very valuable meetings. We are grateful for all of those who took part in these meetings and the feedback and encouragement you gave us.

As a part of teacher workdays at the start of the school year, we were able to share the study results with our faculty and staff. This also provided valuable feedback and encouragement. Everyone is eager and ready to help in our efforts to improve IMS and help spread the word about our school.

Continually improving the level of education we offer at IMS, is a priority. One of the things we have done is provide teaching mentors for our three new faculty this year. The mentoring relationships provide valuable guidance and resources for our new teachers and benefits our students. Average growth achieved by teachers in mentoring programs and their students is two to five months above normal growth.

This weekend the administrative team and IMS board will be meeting with Scott and Tammy Barron from School Growth. They will begin work with us to create a vision and strategic plan for IMS. This was one of the areas of weakness pointed out in the study by Dr. Newberry. We look forward to this work together.

We have also hired North Star Marketing to help us with our messaging, website redesign and rebranding process. North Star has worked with schools that Dr. Newberry has worked with so they are familiar with the process we are going through as well as private school marketing. They will come in October to begin their work with us.

Other things we have been working on include:

  • Creating a social media calendar to organize web posts and social media updates.
  • Installing SchoolAdmin to use as a database for prospective family information and for online application and enrollment.
  • Working on improvements to our international student program and connections to bring more international students to IMS.
  • Developing a FAN’s network (Friends and Ambassadors) to help us with our word of mouth marketing. We are planning a kick-off event soon.
  • Investing in good professional development for our faculty.

We will continue give updates on a regular basis so everyone knows the exciting things happening at IMS! Thank you for your prayers and support along the way.