Chapel Report August 23-September 14

Sierra Cheney

One of the aspects of life at IMS is having a daily chapel time. Our chapel committee met before school started to establish a theme and plan the first number of chapels. Our first chapel introduced the chapel committee and our theme: “Compassion: See a Need, Fill a Need”.  Much of what we did at the beginning had to do with logistical kinds of things like the kind of chapel etiquette that is expected, introducing the idea of small groups, and giving an opportunity for all students and faculty to volunteer for chapel involvement.

Our first two weeks of chapel were guided by the scripture from Romans 12:1-2. Our emphasis was offering ourselves to God and being transformed by our participation with God. During this time we heard from IMS alum Madeline Leichty about her time spent in Mexico and faculty member Sierra Cheney speaking about renewing our minds in Christ. Other chapels were music and activities connected with our theme. We also spent time in our first small group gathering of the year.

Dr. Joe Manickam

Week of September 10-14: This past Monday we were privileged to have with us Joe Manickam, president of Hesston College in Hesston, Kansas. Joe shared about crossing cultural boundaries for the gospel (video here). Wednesday featured Hans Shenk from Rosedale Bible College in Rosedale, Ohio. Hans told the story of Captain Alexi Vostrikov to show how being true to our conscience can have positive effects well beyond ourselves. On Thursday we began our emphasis on the theme of Humility, taken from Romans 12:3. A way to express humility is to think of encouraging and affirming others, so our chapel time was spent in writing affirmation notes to others at IMS. We ended our week with a hymn sing in the Celebration Hall foyer (video here).