All School Party

Our sibling families and Y-Co faculty.

The all-school party was held Friday, August 24th in Hillcrest Union. Students began trickling in around 7 PM for an evening of activities and games. The first half of the night involved the new sibling families, where senior “parents” are matched with freshmen “children” along with sophomore and junior “aunts” and “uncles”. To start, the sibling families were tasked with giving themselves a family name, coming up with a family motto, and designing a family crest, all of which were presented to appropriate applause. Afterward, each family participated in an elimination competition of Survival, where groups had to quickly mimic building a fire, spearing a fish, making a hammock, or building a cabin. Lit Fam, The Dominators7, and We Showed Up all survived. Next up, families competed in a shoe relay, forced to dig through a pile of everyone’s shoes in order to find their own.

The second half of the evening centered on a class vs. class dodgeball tournament. In the first two matches, the sophomores defeated the seniors and the freshmen defeated the juniors. In the championship match, the freshmen and the sophomores duked it out in an extended match, but eventually, the newest members of IMS won the game. In the consolation match, an outnumbered junior team fell to the seniors. To end the dodgeball games, the under-class squared off against the upper-class in a chaotic, all-school dodgeball bout. The game went back and forth, but some late-game catches ensured that the juniors and the seniors won the final match.

The party ended shortly after 9 PM with a prayer by Marcus, an all-school photo, and light snacks in the foyer. The freshmen remained at the school for their lock-in with Aaron and Sierra, while the rest of the school headed off into the night. Thanks to everyone for participating!