Limited Summer Camp Openings Left

We are very excited about our summer camp options this year! Girls’ basketball camp is happening this week. It has been fun to have some activity back on campus! Our next group of camps will be the week of June 25th-29th. Both of the camps this week are for those entering 6th – 8th grades.

In the morning we will have Ceramics Camp led by our art instructor Bryn Hovde. Bryn loves all forms of art and has really enjoyed having two extra pottery wheels this year at school. We are excited to put all four wheels to work during Ceramics Camp! This camp is from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm. You will get to glaze and fire a creation that you will eventually take home with you. There are only two spots left in this camp so hurry to grab them while they last!

If you want you can bring your lunch and then join us for the 6th-8th grade Iowa Youth Writing Project camp called Poetry Comics! This combines some art and poetry writing in a fun, interactive way. Do you wish you could draw a poem using cartoon characters? What about writing a haiku using emojis? What kind of poem could you write in sharpie on a leaf or a frisbee? This week we will explore the strange and wonderful world of poetry comics–poems that incorporate visual elements. In the process, we will think about what an image can do to text, and what text can do to an image. At the end of the week, each participant will make their very own poetry comic zine! No experience is necessary in poetry or comic-making. Come ready to write, draw, and think outside the box.  There are 10 spots left in this camp so tell your friends and get signed up today! BONUS – This camp is only $25 thanks to a sponsorship by the IMS PTO!

Both of these camps will be featured along with our Culinary Kids Camp (already full) and our 3rd-5th grade writing camp, Heroes and Monsters: Exploring World Mythologies through Writing (only 2 spots left), at our Celebration of the Arts Night on July 13th at 7:00 pm in Celebration Hall. The Ceramics Camp will have their pottery displayed, our Culinary Kids Camp will have refreshments they’ve prepared for us and our Writing Camps will have their work to show and read for us. We want to show you all how much fun we’ve had being creative in many ways at our camps this year!

Please direct any questions to Candi Schmieder at or by calling the IMS office 319-656-2073 ext. 20. Hope to see you soon!