Soccer defeats #3 Williamsburg

Gerardo Mendoza, Isaiah Swantz, Louis Etienne

IMS 4, Williamsburg 3 OT PK’s (6-5)

Four days after upsetting #1 ranked Iowa City Regina, IMS traveled to Williamsburg to take on the #3 ranked team in Iowa 1A soccer. Despite some tired and sore bodies, IMS found a way to avoid the emotional let down and found a way to win though it took overtime and penalty kicks to decide the outcome.

IMS opened the scoring with seven minutes remaining in the first half after Louis Etienne intercepted a pass, beat a defender on his way towards the goal then hit the ball to the far post for the goal. In the meantime the backline of Kobe Borntrager, Reggie Borntrager, Eli Ours and Mitchell Schmieder held strong against a fast forward line from Williamsburg taking a 1-0 lead into halftime.

Jacob Boller

IMS found the goal first in the second half scoring 23 minutes into half after IMS was awarded a direct kick in front of the box. While Williamsburg lined up to take the shot, Isaiah Swantz took the kick firing it into the goal. Williamsburg responded five minutes later on a nice goal after a poor defensive clearance.  With 11 minutes left IMS extended its lead to 3-1 as Swantz put a direct kick across the face of the goal where Cole Ours was waiting to head the ball into the net.

Whether it was tired bodies, injuries, or the heat, IMS lost a bit of focus giving up a goal with eight minutes left when the IMS defenders thought offsides had been called, only to find too late it had not been. Using momentum from their goal, Williamsburg found fresh energy and scored the equalizer with three minutes on the clock and the final 3-3 score.

Blake Bontrager

In the two overtime periods both teams created chances though it felt like the IMS midfield finally began showing the ability to possess and to pass more efficiently. Neither team scored so the game entered the penalty kick phase. Both teams sent their first five kickers to the line where each keeper made one save to end the first round 4-4. Both keepers made saves on the sixth shot and both teams seventh shooters made their shot. IMS’s 8th kicker Tyler Swantz stepped confidently to the line and buried his shot in the corner of the goal. Williamsburg’s 8th shooter stepped to the line and put a shot on goal and watched as IMS goalie Blake Bontrager made the diving save to gain the hard fought win.  

IMS moves to 11-0 on the season. IMS returns to action in the SEISC tournament Friday, hosting a first round game against Highland at 6:45. The semi-finals and championship game will be held at Columbus with the first game at 10:00 am.