New potter’s wheels

Allison Moreland, Rachel Geyer, Lara Kliewer, Madison Higdon

About a year ago Bryn Hovde, our art teacher, was asked what would help advance the art department. He suggested that it would be beneficial to have more pottery wheels as each student only got to use the two wheels for about a week. While throwing on the wheel is a very tangible and rewarding art-form that students have enjoyed, one week is only enough to be able to get their hands dirty without really being able to master the techniques.

Anonymous donors generously gave us money to buy two wheels, essentially doubling the number of wheels we had, significantly increasing the amount of time students can work on the wheel. Hovde commented, “I can already see a difference in what students are able to achieve. It has been exciting for me to see student’s get excited and to see their love of creating art grow.”

Middle schoolers from our community will also get a chance to try out our wheels this summer as we will have an IMS ceramics art camp June 25-29.