Chapel Report for October 9-13, 2017


Our chapel theme this week was “Worship is Being Church”. We looked at various aspects of what it means to be the body of Christ.

Monday’s chapel time was spent in our small groups. Fellowship and supporting each other is a way of being the body of Christ.

On Tuesday, we were privileged to host some clergy from the area for Clergy Appreciation Day. The clergy spent some time in a Bible class interacting with students in the class and then with the IMS administration for some refreshments and conversation. Then for chapel, we showed videos of students responding to questions about their pastors. We ended our chapel time with prayer for the pastors and an IMS “tunnel” to honor them and show appreciation for who they are.

Wednesday’s chapel focused on serving each other. We viewed a video by Ted and Company depicting Jesus washing his disciples feet at the Last Supper. Students then had the opportunity to show their service to each other by participating in handwashing.

On Thursday, we were treated to a sneak preview of the upcoming IMS concert with Band, Chorale and Concert Choir, led by Alisa Kandel.

We wrapped up the week with prayer for students whose families are experiencing difficulties. Then as an act of service, students wrote get well cards to children at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.