Mexico Interterm

Steven Jimenez, Juanita Benedict, Monet Slabach, Alyssa Hershberger, Hannah Peters, Payton Hart, Gretta Rempel, Alvery Blauvelt, Sierra Cheney

There is a pastor of a church in Rio Grande City, Texas who runs an orphanage named Casa Hogar in Carmargo, Mexico. The upper level Spanish classes were pen pals with the children at Casa Hogar during this school year. For interterm, seven of the students taking Spanish were able to go to Casa Hogar and meet the children and practice a ton of Spanish. The team stayed at the church in Rio Grande City at night and every day they drove right across the border into Mexico. While the kids were at school, the group was able to paint the outside of the facility where they live. The students enjoyed spending time with the kids while they were home from school. It was a neat opportunity to practice Spanish every day as the Pastor, the church, the kids at Casa Hogar (minus a couple) and the workers there only spoke Spanish. The group consisted of Steven Jimenez, Hannah Peters, Alyssa Hershberger, Gretta Rempel, Monet Slabach, Avery Blauvelt, Payton Hart and faculty leaders Sierra Cheney and Juanita Benedict.

Steven Jimenez shared his thoughts about interterm: “One thing I really enjoyed on interterm this year was spending time with kids in Camargo, Mexico and being able to speak in Spanish the entire trip. I learned some new words in Spanish and I got to learn more about Mexico.”