Serve-Eat-Explore-Cook Interterm

Alisa Kandel, Edna Villatoro, Angela Marcelino, Rubye Ney, Lara Kliewer, Allison Moreland, Rachael Hovde, Caroline Gianola, Katie Martinez, Emma Beachy at the test gardens

The SEEC Interterm group spent their time in Service–Education–Eating–Cooking! They started out staying in Des Moines for two nights and visiting Better Homes and Gardens/Meredith Publishing. They learned about different jobs in the publishing business, visited the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchens, Test Gardens and various areas where magazine pages were being photographed and compiled. The American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine team showed the group  some of the quilting machines on which they create patterns and projects for their magazines. Rubye Ney (photo) tries out one of the quilting machines.  Visiting the Better Homes and Gardens Test Gardens and Kitchens was a good way to see a variety of careers. Students had a chance to see dietitians, art directors, magazine editors, graphic designers and horticulturalists working to create magazine content.

Upon returning to the Kalona area, students spent a day doing service in Iowa City. They baked muffins for the Agape Kitchen that serves a free breakfast at Old Brick. The staff for Agape asked our group if we would like to sit with the people that come in for breakfast and visit with them, rather than help serve food. This was a good opportunity to interact with people and be a listening ear. A portion of the day was spent at The Crowded Closet, where students had fun sorting, pricing and filling the racks and shelves with items to be sold.
The last two days were spent exploring cooking and trying new foods that none of them had cooked before. Students cooked a lobster, made creme brulee, roasted vegetables, made pies and other delicious creations. They also cooked several items that were gluten and dairy free. Jane Schlabaugh and Alisa Kandel led the group.