Outdoor and Cooking Adventures Interterm

Seth Danga, Jesse Slater, Rachel Geyer, Josie Aubrey

Our local interterm was close to home, but was packed full of adventure and learning experiences.  Aaron Gingerich and Diane Willems were the group leaders. Aaron led the Outdoor Adventures. The students went rock climbing at Crooked Creek Christian Camp, bike riding on the Kewash trail, hiking at Wildcat Den in Muscatine, and fishing with Joe Swartzendruber.

Diane Willems led the Cooking Adventures which began Tuesday with a devotional and then they made peanut butter granola as a healthy snack to take on their outing with Aaron. They also made strawberry jam and canned it, made two kinds of biscuits and for lunch prepared ham, egg, and cheese omeletes which went well with the biscuits and jam. Green smoothies were also on the menu. On Thursday they prepared healthy cookies, yogurt bark with fruit, nuts, and other toppings, English muffin pizzas, and for lunch made french bread pizzas with roasted potatoes.  Friday the group ventured to Iowa City to do service at Informed Choices and learn about the ministry there.  The boys and Diane cleaned beds outside while the girls worked inside and helped with a mailing. They toured the facility and learned about this Christian ministry and that 89-91% of teen girls who were planning to abort after seeing their ultrasound and hearing the heart beat change their minds to either seek adoption or keep their baby. Informed Choices does just that and helps these teens explore their choices making sure they are informed about all the information in each option. Their services are free to these teens. Informed Choices is connected with adoption resources and offers counseling and many other services.