Culinary Arts Restaurant

Wednesday the Culinary Arts class hosted their last restaurant of the year. Steven Jimenez was the executive chef and was assisted by classmates Madyson Bell, Drake Brezina, Adrian Gonzales and Rachel Miller. The menu consisted of fruit kabobs, sausage egg casserole and pancakes.

Diane Willems, Culinary Arts instructor talks about what the class has learned. “There is always something we can learn from each restaurant to make them better. We try to correct anything that was mentioned on the patrons comment cards as well as anything we think would work better. With each restaurant, students have gained more confidence in what needs to be done. It was encouraging that the first restaurant went well and the food seemed to be pleasing. The class has also learned how to work under time demands, how to organize and plan, and learn the difference between casual dining and formal dining experiences. Additionally they have learned some new food preparation techniques. The time restraints with clean up is a challenge. Culinary Arts works as a team as each student’s contribution is essential to the success of the restaurant.”