Camp David interterm

Back: Calli Shaw, Suzanna Yoder, Cole Ours, Blake Bontrager, Reggie Borntrager, Mitchell Schmieder, Palmer Thomas, Levi Geyer. Front: Mayson Bell, Amy Brenneman, Cameron Roser-Peet, Erik Schmidt

The Camp David interterm group led by Lynn and Brian Yoder traveled to Missouri last week. Camp David is a non-denominational Christian youth camp that offers free summer camps to children of prisoners. The group spent three days of painting, groundswork, pouring cement for sidewalks, and nailing drywall supports. This group of 12 students enjoyed each others company very much. Evenings were spent playing games, bowling, and exploring the local cave. Nightly devotional times were a time to reflect and bond.

Friday the group traveled to St. Louis and visited the St Louis City Museum on Saturday before heading home.