Meet Juanita Benedict, Science Instructor

Juanita BenedictJuanita Benedict joined the IMS faculty this school year as one of our Science instructors. Learn more about her from these interview questions:

1) What brought you to IMS?

“I was looking for a job as an elementary teacher but was not getting much response.  My friend mentioned that IMS was looking for a science teacher.  I thought about it and talked to some other friends who are familiar with the school.  They encouraged me to apply.  I applied, not knowing if I would meet the qualifications to be a high school biology teacher.  But the state of Iowa, Steve, and Dwight thought I could do it. Moral of this story: When God doesn’t open the door you are expecting, you knock on another one, even if it leads to somewhere you have never been.  God is already there waiting for you to step through.”

2) What is your previous education/teaching experience?

“I taught for three years at United Christian School in Middlefield (Geauga County), Ohio.  I was the assistant teacher for the sixth through twelfth grades and taught a variety of subjects.  I taught fourth and fifth grades at Pathway Christian School in Kalona for four years.  I worked in the Mid-Prairie School District as teacher associate, cook, and substitute for several years.  I love teaching.”

3) What excites you about teaching and teaching your subject area?

“I am excited to try a flipped classroom and interactive notebooks in my science classes this year.  I am still working out all of the kinks, but I think this system can be helpful for many different types of students, both those who need a little more time with the material, and those who want to get ahead.”

4) What church do you currently attend?

“I currently attend Sunnyside Mennonite in Kalona.”

5) What do you do for hobbies or in your spare time?

“In my spare time I read, garden, sew, shop, and spend time with nieces and nephews.”

We welcome Juanita to our IMS family!