Urban Plunge

The Omaha group led by Bryan Neuschwander and accompanied by Candi Schmieder is taking the plunge with Urban Plunge. They have visited a homeless shelter, an assisted living for seniors with therapy animals, worked outside at the therapy animals’ farm, helped at a food bank and worked at a recycling center for electronics. It has been a great experience and they have met many wonderful people. The group will be done with their work on Friday and will return to IMS after a visit to the Omaha zoo.

Stasia Majerick, Kobi Russom, Demi Brezina, Tanner Leyden, Casey Perez, McKayla Brush, Molly Heusinkveld, Riley Schmieder,Bryan Neuschwander, C. Bai, Nicholas Yoder and some Omaha friends. (Candi Schmieder, not pictured because she’s the photographer!)