International Spotlight – Sohee Kim, South Korea

One student came to IMS this year from Gunpo-si city in the Gyeonggi province South Korea (part of the Seoul National Capital Area) with the Council on International Educational Exchange Program. Sohee Kim’s family consists of five members; mom, dad, older sister, younger sister, herself and a puppy.  Her parents have a small company that trades hospital machines. Sohee currently lives north of Wellman with Doug, Diane and Brent Brenneman.

Sohee notes, “Korea is a divided country. I am from South Korea which is located at the bottom of Asia near China and Japan, surrounded on three sides by ocean. Korea is famous for electromagnetism (Samsung and LG), cars (Hyundai), PSY (awesome singer) and Gangnam Style (song). We also have beautiful palaces and villages to visit. JeJu Island is one of my favorites. Come visit Korea! I think you would enjoy Korean culture and music.”

My organization decided what school I would attend in the United States. “IMS is really specified because you learn Church History and have chapel. My school doesn’t have those subjects and is a much bigger public high school. We also wear uniforms,” said Sohee.

Some of her favorite American foods are bread and meat. Sohee said a big adjustment has been “smiling at everyone”.  She hopes to use her English skills when returning home to South Korea.

Thank you Sohee for sharing your culture with the IMS community.