Steven Jimenez

What clubs, fine arts and sports have you been able to participate in at IMS? NHS, Soccer, and Art Club.

Is there a story or anything you would like to share about your experience on Interterm this year and two years ago? I had a great experience on interterm this year and two years ago because I was able to make new friends and meet new people while doing service projects. One thing I really enjoyed on interterm this year was spending time with kids in Camargo, Mexico and being able to speak in Spanish the entire trip. One thing I enjoyed on interterm two years ago was when my group would play with the electric fence and going out to lunch at my family’s restaurant in wellman. What did you learn? I learned how to set up solar panels and about electricity on my interterm two years ago. This year I learned some new words in Spanish and I got to learn more about Mexico. How do you see the world differently? I see the world as corrupt and needing Jesus because of how people treat each other and how no one wants to step up to the challenge of being a servant or being a good neighbor.How did you see God at work? I saw God at work through meeting people at Casa Hogar and through getting to know the children.

What ways have you been challenged to grow? In your faith? Academically? As a person? I was challenged to grow in my faith and as a person through hearing the children’s stories and what challenges people who follow Christ have to face daily.

What are your plans after high school? I plan to go to college and follow my calling into youth ministry and becoming a Spanish interpreter.

How have you been able to take part in and contribute to the IMS community? Through meeting new people, sharing my faith journey and stories with everyone, and by being a responsible, kind, and respectful student.

What is something you wish others knew about IMS? I wish others knew that IMS welcomes everyone and cares about them. Especially that one can see God at work in the classes and throughout the school.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to students and families who may be on the fence about coming to IMS? Focus on the pros first and don’t worry about the price because in the end it is a great investment that you won’t want to miss out on.

Is there anything you’d like to share about your experience in helping the school to be better communicators by translating our communications in Spanish? I have enjoyed translating for IMS because I have been able to use my Spanish skills and talent. And I especially enjoyed helping IMS become better communicators in being more welcoming or reaching out to Spanish speakers through my help in translating documents and emails. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a new challenge or wants to strengthen their Spanish.

April Events

Mennonite Schools Council (MSC) Music Festival The IMS Touring Choir participated in the MSC Music Festival at Shalom Christian Academy
in Chambersburg PA April 7-9. MSC Regional Choirs

Iowa FFA Leadership Conference Iowa State University April 9-11 

Spring Break  April 7-11

Southeast Iowa Super Conference Art Show April 12 at Southeastern Community College in West Burlington IA.

Resurrection Sunday April 16

Junior/Senior Banquet April 22 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion,
The Witch & The Wardrobe

Final Touring Choir Concert at 7:00PM on April 23
at Bethel Mennonite Church in Wayland IA

Children’s Dramas Saturday April 29 at 7:00PM and Sunday April 30
at 3:00PM in Celebration Hall.

Meet the Cast Event Grades 6-10 prospective students and their families are invited to a meet the cast event following the afternoon performance on April 30. There will be refreshments and you will get a chance to meet the students and directors involved in putting together these fun performances.


Excel Industries in Hesston KS has been donating mowers to IMS for years now. Here is our Director of Maintenance Joe Swartzentruber and Brian Nebel of Excel with the latest gift.


The Annual IMS Golf Tournament will be held on June 17 at the Kalona Golf Club. Mark your calendars now and stayed tuned for more details.

Golf field with green grass and red flag.

Interterm 2017

Goals of Interterm

  • Sense of community/group dynamics
  • Service to others
  • Exposure to a new culture, point of view or environment
  • Educational enrichment
  • Spiritual renewal
  • Personal growth

Our faculty and students had a great time learning and living together during interterm week. Read more about the different interterms here.   See pictures here.


IMS Homecoming & Family Weekend will include many activities for IMS alumni, their families, and the community. There will also be time and space for classes to gather. IMS classes ending in the years of 2 and 7 are scheduled to meet. Please contact the Office of Advancement if your class plans to gather and/or you need assistance.


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