I wish others wouldn’t judge IMS just because it has the word mennonite in the name. IMS is a school that welcomes everyone of all race and religion, it is a school where you are able to feel comfortable and express yourself in your own way. IMS isn’t a perfect school and the people aren’t perfect either, but despite that it is a place where you can feel safe to be yourself and see everyone like a family. When one is having trouble academically, in their faith, or in their personal life others are there to help because that is what the IMS community is about.

Coming from a middle school of a big size and having about 20+ students in a classroom, seeing class sizes of about 10 students at IMS was one of the things that appealed to me. Also chapel was one of the aspects about IMS that I enjoyed and helped me make a decision. If you want to see what IMS is like for yourself, come visit us. Check out details here: IMS Visit Day