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"Drama, band, choir, pep band, and praise band (to name just a few) are awesome ways to meet new people and improve your acting
“Drama, band, choir, pep band, and praise band (to name just a few) are awesome ways to meet new people and improve your acting & musical skills. Fine arts groups feel like a big family because you work hard together and you laugh together. Faculty sponsors or directors support us and help us learn and improve. It is really satisfying to perform with talented musicians or actors and be part of fine arts at IMS.” –Emma, Class of 2018

Do you sing?

Play? Act? Or just want to give it a try? We offer so many ways to get involved whether for class credit or through extracurriculars. As of 2007 we even have a state-of-the-art auditorium so you can really shine onstage.

80% of our students are involved in performing arts

What We Offer

Fall 2017 Art Show

2013 IMS graduate, Anya Slabaugh, has her art show in our art gallery this fall. The Bridge asked her some questions about her art show and her time at IMS.

TB: Tell us what you have been doing since you graduated from IMS.
AS: Since graduating from IMS I went to Goshen College for the past 4 years.  I majored in Art and took several creative writing and Kinesiology classes.  I was a part of the Goshen Monologues steering committee, Art club, and helped/participated in many Goshen Student Women’s Association events. Throughout my 4 years at Goshen I also worked at Goshen College’s Events office.  I am now working as the Executive Assistant at Mosaic Health and Healing Arts in Goshen and making art.

TB: Have there been any life experiences that have influenced your artwork?
AS: My art is almost exclusively a reflection/reaction to my life experiences.  My art is both a way for me to express what I observe/experience and a way for me to process that.  I’m really taken by how we treat ourselves and fellow humans.  I think our interactions with other people say a lot about who we are.  I think how we treat each other speaks volumes more than what we claim to believe.

TB:  What are you looking forward to doing when you graduate from Goshen?
AS: I’m enjoying my work at Mosaic, as I feel it is both something I enjoy and meaningful/necessary work.

TB: How has your time at IMS helped you in college/life?
AS: Because of how small IMS is I feel like I was encouraged to do more than I would have done at a larger high school.  It taught me to continue to try new things, because you never know what you’re going to like until you try it.

TB: Are there any special memories you have of IMS that you’d like to share with us?
AS: Track was lots of fun 🙂

TB: Are there any teachers or staff at IMS who left a positive impression on you?
AS: Gah, I can’t pick favorites, but overall most teachers I had at IMS genuinely cared about how I was doing as a student and as a person.  That means a lot, that goes a long way for an awkward teenager that feels lost and unsure of their place in the world.

TB: How do you feel about having your art on display at IMS?
AS: I’m so excited to have my work on display at IMS!  Displaying work anywhere is exciting but it is especially exciting when you have a relationship with people in the community.

TB: You have your artist reception coming up in November. What will you enjoy most about that experience?
AS: I love presenting my work and seeing how other people perceive it.  Usually people tell me what they get out of it, and sometimes it is something new that I haven’t even thought of.  I love this and I think it makes my work so much more meaningful to me.