What Is Chapel?

ChapelEver feel like you need a break to breathe and recenter yourself? IMS builds a 20 minute chapel into its school day for just that purpose. The whole school meets together to connect with each other and with God. Chapels are planned and led by a mix of students and faculty. We sing, listen, laugh, reflect and learn. It’s often a highlight of the day.

Public Is Invited

Wish you could see what chapel is all about? Come join us! All our chapels are open to the public. Join us at 9:45 am in Celebration Hall any Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Tuesdays are when we meet in our small groups.

Our Chapel Theme

The chapel theme for this year is “Worship Is . . . .” Each week we will explore some way in which all of life is worship. We understand worship to be anything that connects us to God. Worship is found in fellowship and music. Worship is scripture and spending time in the Word. Worship is discipleship. Worship is stillness. Worship is movement. Worship is creating. Resting. Obeying. Worship is letting God redeem suffering. Worship is caring for the poor and lonely, speaking out for the oppressed, and listening. 
This year of chapels will not and cannot encompass everything that worship is. After all, how could we possibly imagine all the ways that we can choose to connect with God and God chooses to connect with us? However, we pray that these expressions will soften our hearts and widen our imaginations of who God is and how God works in the world. We pray that in choosing to worship, we will be more fully joined to the body of Christ.

Small Groups

Small groups are just one more way we’re growing into the people we want to be. They’re made up of 6-8 students with one faculty leader. We’re with the same group for the school year, so we get comfortable and close. The purpose of the groups is to strengthen our spiritual walks with each other through accountability, support, topic discussion, mixing of ages and ideas. Of course, a whole lot of fun mixes in too! Whether it’s eating, playing sports, praying, discussing, planning parties and service projects, or enjoying a sleepover together, chapel small groups help build community.

Chapel Committee 2017-18: Back: Rachael Hovde, Faculty Sponsor Bryn Hovde, Jesse Slater, Avery Blauvelt, Blake Bontrager, Isaac Miller, Faculty Sponsor Lee Ebersole. Front: Jacob Boller, Drew Blauvelt, Greta Schrag, Gretta Rempel, Adria Ebersole, Rachel Geyer, Monet Slabach. Not pictured: Emma Beachy, Payton Hart, Martin Vaca, Faculty Sponsor Maya Kehr Yoder.