Step 1: Decide

We welcome you to study and grow at IMS no matter your race, creed, color, origin or ancestry. We do require that you:

  • Get to know us through this website and hopefully a visit, to know that we’re a good fit for you.
  • Follow our policies and regulations.
  • Cooperate with and show your respect to faculty and staff (which is easy since they’re pretty great!)

Step 2: Apply

  1. Create an account and apply online. If you’ve already created the account through our inquiry process, then you can sign in and complete the application. Online Application
  2. Or, download and complete our admission application.
  3. Mail it to us at 1421 540th Street SW, Kalona, Iowa 52247 or email a digital, signed copy to
  4. Celebrate your good decision and wait for us to contact you about your application status. Call 319.656.2073 if you get antsy or have questions.

Step 3: Enroll

Once you’ve received word of your acceptance from us, it’s time to officially enroll as an IMS student.

  1. Send in an optional $250 deposit by July 1 to reduce your entry fee by $50.
  2. Attend pre-registration at the end of April, exact date to be announced on our website.
  3. Read over our student handbook so you’re in-the-know (and show it to your parents, too!)
  4. Download and fill out the following forms to get ready for registration.
  5. Check out our financial aid options and see if you qualify.
  6. Attend registration day (with all your completed forms) in August, about two weeks before school starts.

If you plan to participate in any athletics at IMS, you’ll also need this pre-participation physical form on file with us. We offer free athletic physicals on the first day of school from 6-7:30pm, so bring your form and see you there!

Okay, after all that form-filling is done you can go back to relaxing and feeling excited about your IMS experience that has just officially begun. (Woo-hoo!)