IMS Partners with Rick Newberry for Enrollment and Marketing

Rick Newberry, Candi Schmieder, Jeremy Ours, Theresa Blossom and Dwight Gingerich

The IMS Board affirmed the recommendation of the school administrative team by partnering with Rick Newberry, PhD. to help with enrollment and marketing efforts. Rick Newberry is the President of Enrollment Catalyst. His expertise in enrollment management and marketing strategies provides in-depth consulting and coaching for schools across the country.

He brings over 25 years of educational leadership experience in both higher education and K-12 levels. At the university level, Rick served as the executive director of development and enrollment management at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Through his success in enrollment management, he provided strategic leadership to double enrollment from 710 to 1,400 students. In development, he worked alongside the president leading a twenty-member advancement team in a multi-million dollar capital campaign, as well as providing strategic direction to the university marketing effort. Following his tenure in university leadership, Rick served in the role of headmaster at a large private school in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Mr. Newberry will be working with our administrative team to develop a strategic plan and provide coaching to implement this plan focused on enrollment management and marketing. He was on the IMS campus two days this week to meet with the administrative team, board and focus groups of current parents, new parents and current students. Surveys will be sent out to all parents, students and faculty members to gather information about IMS that Mr. Newberry will use to provide his assessment and recommendations.

The administrative team looks forward to this partnership with Mr. Newberry and has found the time spent with him this week to be very helpful already. They especially look forward to the results of his information gathering and the weekly coaching he will provide to implement plans. Thank you to all who have participated in this process so far. Your input is very valuable to this process.