Chapel April 16-20

Kate Slater

Our chapel theme for this week was “Worship is Discipleship”. Our life of worship is a continual process of learning to follow Jesus and helping others along in this journey.

Monday’s chapel was hearing from Kate Slater, mother of students Jesse and Elizabeth. Kate spoke about the “Great Commission” of Jesus from Matthew 28. Even though there was doubt among the disciples, Jesus still entrusted the great news of the gospel to them. We don’t always know what the cost will be to follow Jesus, and sometimes the cost can be great. But we as followers of Jesus are called to take part in this great global mission.

On Tuesday we met in our small groups for food, fellowship and more discussion of what it means to be a disciple.

For Wednesday’s chapel, we heard from Spanish teacher Sierra Cheney about her and her friends’ involvement with relating with people from Sudan. There are wonderful connections to be made with persons of another culture and religion that can point people to the way of Jesus.

Recently Blake Bontrager traveled to Nicaragua for a work project. So for Thursday’s chapel, Blake shared with us some pictures and a description of their work there. The rest of the chapel that day, Bryn Hovde, art teacher, shared with us about what is important to him to come to faith.

A hymn sing led by music teacher, Alisa Kandel for Friday’s chapel concluded our week.