Chapel Report for February 5-9

Sierra Cheney

The chapel theme for the week of February 5-9 was “Worship is Being Anointed.”

Our Monday chapel, student Jesse Slater spoke of how the concepts of anointing were exercised and presented in both the Old and New Testaments. Oil was used often in anointing future kings and objects meant to worship and honor God. The anointing of the Holy Spirit was on Jesus to accomplish his mission as presented in Luke 4.

On Wednesday, we heard from teachers Sierra Cheney and Bryn Hovde on their experiences of sensing God’s anointing on their lives to live out their calling.

Baptism was the emphasis on Thursday. Two students, Greta Schrag and Rachael Hovde shared about their baptism experiences.

Friday’s chapel featured Pastor Joel Beachy from East Union Mennonite Church. Joel shared with us about the meaning of anointing. He then offered everyone the opportunity to experience being anointed with oil as a sign of desire for continued and deepening relationship with God.