Art You Can Touch

Darvin Yoder has dedicated his life to creating and teaching art.  His 36 years of teaching art at Iowa Mennonite School and his curious mind inspire him to create art that engages the viewer on many levels. His current show held in the IMS art gallery blends fine craftsmanship, aesthetic beauty, and kinesthetic interactions into an inviting visual playground.  His work sparks our own curiosity, calling us to participate in a tangible way.

From Darvin….

“Part of the challenge of making these sculptures is the engineering that goes into making them work both as visual art and as interactive art.  They use the force of gravity and they also use the viewer’s participation and curiosity.  I hope the viewer will manipulate the sculptures and enjoy their surprises. But I would have failed if the sculptures were not beautiful to look at even if the physical interaction doesn’t happen. These sculptures are for adults–or for children with adult supervision.  And the aesthetics are essential.  Consider beauty.  Are you visually satisfied?  Is your playful nature satisfied? Enjoy the sculpture exhibit.”

The exhibit will be held at the IMS gallery throughout the Spring semester.  Come and join us for an opening reception March 23rd at 8pm following the IMS Concert Choir and the Hesston College Bell Canto Choir performance.

Darvin Gallery