Chapel Report Nov 20-Dec 1: “Worship is Giving Thanks”

Praise Band: Palmer Thomas, Rachael Hovde, Hannah Peters, Monet Slabach, Abby Fritz

With the season being around Thanksgiving Day, our theme was “Worship is Giving Thanks”. Being grateful and acknowledging God for all that we’ve been given is essential for us. Along with the attitude of gratitude, generosity to others is a natural outcome of being grateful.

On the Monday before Thanksgiving, we had a time of writing affirmation/thank you notes to others here at IMS. Students and staff were encouraged to think of how they have been blessed by each other and then express that to them with a written note.

Tuesday was our time in small groups.

The next time we met for chapel was Monday, November 27. We welcomed 17 prospective students who were here for visit day. The book, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein was read. The tree expressed its gratitude and love by giving all. God expresses love by giving the Son to save us. We concluded our chapel by singing “I Saw A Tree”.

On Tuesday, we met again in our small groups.

Wednesday’s chapel featured Candi Schmieder, IMS Director of Enrollment. Candi shared with us the various challenges that she has faced in her faith journey and the gratitude she has for the “great cloud of witnesses” who were instrumental in walking with her.

On Thursday we were treated with a paraphrase of the story of Esther. She and her people were grateful for the hand of God in protecting them from Haman’s destructive plan.

Friday’s chapel was a service of praise through music led by the IMS Praise Band.