Toby Chen

Toby Chen is our International Student this year. He is from Shenzhen, a city in the south part of China with a population of twelve million.  Toby is a sophomore at IMS and his host family is Loren and Elvesta Hochstetler.  They have also hosted other international students.

Toby is an only child from a middle class family. His father is an engineer and his mother stayed at home with him. Before coming to IMS he attended a private middle school and an international school.  At his school in China, there were eleven classes per grade with about fifty students in each class. Toby says there are a lot of differences between school here and in China including class sizes, sports, language, school size, etc.

Toby’s favorite food from home is roasted fish. His favorite food here, so far, is ground cherry pie. He went out for cross country and really enjoyed it. Toby enjoys staying fit and does a lot of rock climbing. He has gone to some indoor rock climbing walls with friends since he’s been in Iowa. He also enjoys soccer and boxing. He would like to try baseball and football.

Toby has enjoyed his time in Iowa so far. Besides rock climbing, he has gone bowling, on hayrides, and has ridden on a four-wheeler and combine.  After graduating from IMS, Toby hopes to go to the University of Michigan and study engineering, computer science, architecture or social science.  Toby is a great student, is open to try new things and is friendly. Be sure to introduce yourself to him when you see him on campus and help us welcome Toby to the IMS community.