Chapel Report for Nov. 13-17: Worship is Welcoming

Mike Severino-Patterson

This week in the U.S. was International Education Week. Taking off from this emphasis, our chapel theme was “Worship Is Welcoming”. An expression of worshiping God is to extend hospitality to all those whom we encounter.

We have two international students attending IMS, Gedeon Sangare from Mali and Toby Chen from China. Toby, a sophomore, shared with us on Monday about his home and experience of coming here to IMS. Then on Wednesday, Gedeon, a junior, shared about Mali and the Malian people and culture. We are blessed to have Toby and Gedeon here at IMS.

Thursday’s chapel featured Joel Beachy, pastor at East Union Mennonite Church. Joel shared his faith journey of growing up here in the Kalona area, attending church at East Union and being an IMS student. He talked of mentors along the way, people who were influential in encouraging his relationship with God to develop.

On Friday, we heard from our newest faculty member, Mike Severino Patterson. Mike is our biology and agriculture teacher. He shared about what has most shaped his life, much of it being his time spent in Ecuador in the Peace Corps as a sustainable agriculture worker.

It was great to get to know Toby, Gedeon and Mike a little more this week. May we be God’s people who practice hospitality to all.