Chapel report October 16-20, 2017

Our chapel theme last week was Worship is Being Passionate. Passion is an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. It also describes the idea of suffering for another. We explored what it means to worship God with our passion.

On Monday, faculty member Maya Kehr Yoder shared the story of Michael Jesse Sharp. M.J. was a graduate of Bethany Christian High School and Eastern Mennonite University who went on to work at peace making in the Congo. His passion was to love God and people and see them reconciled with each other. M.J. lost his life in the Congo at the hands of those he was trying to help. His story is an example to us of one who lived out his passion in spite of the danger to himself.

Tuesday’s chapel time was spent in small groups. We were encouraged to explore what our passions are and how those can be expressed as worship.

On Wednesday we gathered together in the auditorium for a self-examination activity. We explored what passions we have that are healthy and bring us close to God, and what passions we have that may move us away from God. We were then encouraged to write what our passions are on paper and bring them to the cross in the front of the auditorium as an expression of wanting to offer that passion–healthy or unhealthy– to Jesus.

Thursday’s chapel featured faculty member Bryan Neuschwander sharing about his passion for teaching. Bryan’s coming to faith in Jesus is an essential part of sharing his passion here at IMS. He encouraged us to allow God to transform our perspectives and to be able to see life in that way.

Bryan Neuschwander

The week’s final chapel was led by the IMS Praise Band. We had the opportunity to express our passion for and our worship of God as we sang these songs together; White Flag, He Reigns, Not Be Shaken, This is Amazing Grace and Build Your Kingdom.