New Science Teacher

Mike Severino-Patterson leading his Biology class in a soil lab

We are excited to introduce our new science and agriculture instructor, Mike Severino-Patterson. Mike saw IMS was looking for a science and agriculture instructor. His last job was at Scattergood Friends School teaching science and working with their school’s farm. He answered our call after he came to visit campus because he liked the people, our school culture, and the entire learning environment.

Mike graduated from Iowa City West High School, Oberlin College with a BS in Biology and a BA in Anthropology and the University of Iowa with a MA in Science Education. He was a Peace Corps Volunteer for two and a half years in Ecuador.  He also enjoyed his time at Nature’s Classroom and Catalina Island Marine Institute for one year each along with his six years at Scattergood Friends School.

Mike is married to Jackie Shiguango. They have a daughter, Millie, who just turned seven and they have another baby due

Aidan Yoder, Mike Severino-Patterson, Sophie Marshall and Katelyn Swantz

December 14th. They spend their summers in Ecuador where Jackie is from. They attend Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in North Liberty.  Mike likes to go for walks with his family, fish and hunt with his father, cut firewood, sing and play music, including Sacred Harp singing and Kichwa folk music.  He is excited to join the IMS community and we are certainly excited to have him join our faculty with all of his experience and gifts to share! Welcome aboard, Mike!